How we shape our future self, depends on our decisions!

In a time where instant gratification is the norm and also increasingly becoming an expectation of society, where time is moving so quickly due to our fast paced life styles and our mind bombarded with social media…we often don’t take the time to reflect on where our current life is taking us and what the consequences of our CURRENT actions will have on our future.

Are we truly aware of how we are shaping our future? Is our life aligned with our purpose or are we too busy to pay attention to this? Sometimes we are scared to think about it. We may fear that there is no space for our dreams.
The reality is that it only takes small steps to make big changes in our lives. Just as you would imagine saving money each week over 10 years. Your monies WILL accumulate if you are committed to consistency…in just the same way investing in ourselves consistently WILL pay off in the long term.
So often we project the possibility of change, or growth, or the possibility of reaching our potential into the future…yet what if the time to start is actually NOW?!
Besides the gift of personal growth. We are faced with the reality is that change is a constant, we need to remain adaptable to succeed. And to stay adaptable we need to keep reconnecting with ourselves and understand ourselves. So reflection and re-establishing our values and our direction becomes necessary, grounding us in that which is important to us, especially when it comes to upholding balance! This would form the essential fuel on our journey and to reach our potential/greatness…because if we let life race by, we will miss the gifts presented along the way, that are like the Mario game gifts that propel his abilities on his quest to reach his goal.
Tony Robins displays this beautifully in his book Awaken the Giant within:
“Decisions: The Pathway to Power”
If you think for a moment where you were 10 years ago or even going back 20 years?
“Where were you then? What were you like? Who were your friends? What were your hopes and dreams? If someone had asked you, “Where will you be in ten or fifteen years?” what would you have told them? Are you today where you wanted to be back then? A decade can pass quickly, can’t it?”
“More importantly, maybe we should be asking ourselves, “How am I going to live the next ten years of my life? How am I going to live today, in order to create the tomorrow I’m committed to? What am I going to stand for from now on? What’s important to me right now, and what will be important to me in the long term? What actions can I take today that will shape my ultimate destiny?”
We will walk our path over the next 10 year period, yet the question is where are heading. “Who will you have become? How will you live? What will you contribute? Now is the time to design the next ten years of your life – not once they’re over. We must seize the moment.”
My passion for coaching is fuelled by the above. It was part of my journey and realization in my own life. So I am sharing this with heart and excitement, because ‘awakening’ to the realization of the IMPORTANCE of constructive reflection and planning becomes so exciting and so Doable when we realize that it doesn’t actually take that much time. It just takes the courage to commit to YOURSELF.

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